Parenting: Managing Teens

happy familyThursday April 28 10-11:30 am

Come join the conversation! Learn ways to positively and effectively communicate with your teens. Manage your teen with more confidence by learning some tips and tools from a fellow parent!



HFSC March Narrative

This month we had a wide variety of programs and activities for the community. We had 43 new families walk through our doors, bringing us within arms reach of our goal of 300 families for the year. We are also pleased with our outreach with community volunteers and at present count have over 40 people.  As we compile this list of community members who are willing to donate their time and give back, we have found we have a wide variety of talents in our neighborhood. Our volunteers range in skills from web design, college prep and job readiness training, health, couponing, knitting, arts and crafts and fitness.

This month we were able to utilize our volunteers for various programs. We ran a 2 session Job Readiness training, led by a retired HR director. Participants learned many skills including interviewing, resume building and how to search for jobs online, just to name a few.

We also held a mini resource fair at the center, offering the community a chance to explore different resources for families in the area. Participants included the Association of Special Children and Families, West Milford Community and Recreation Department, WIC, Snap, Snap-Ed and Kinship Care. Families enjoyed talking to the different participants and receiving gifts to take home!

Coming up in April we are co-sponsoring an Earth Day Family Fun Day along with Center For Family Resources in celebration of the new outdoor classroom and wetlands walk. We are also planning a fun week for Spring Break, offering more activities for youth and teens during the day. At the end of the month we are having the Alzheimer’s Association come and present the training ” Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds” at Camp Hope. We continue to reach out to different areas of our community and welcome all who come through our doors.

Fatherhood Breakfast

fatherhood breakfastThe Highlands Family Success Center invites you to the UPC Fatherhood Project Kickoff Breakfast Saturday, March 26, 2016 from 8:00am-10:00am. The Upper Passaic County Fatherhood Project provides an opportunity for men in our community to get involved and be an example to their children and the rest of the community by participating in activities that are geared towards promoting family engagement. Sample activity ideas include, but are not limited to, day trips, fishing group, boating and hiking, community softball tournament, father and child volunteerism, and life/technical skills.


Update: Thanks for all who came to our breakfast. We will continue to add new activities for the UPC Fatherhood Project. Check out our calendar for the next event!

Book Club

book clubOur book this month is “House of Sand and Fog” by Andre Dubud III. We will meet Thursday April 21 to discuss the book. Book Club will meet the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month from 1:30-2:30pm.

HFSC February Narrative

February may be the shortest month but the staff at the Highlands Family Success Center packed it full of engaging programs and activities. Our staple parent and child activities continued to succeed and even saw more numbers this month with our calendar going out in the West Milford Honeywell system. This has been a great addition to our marketing and advertising campaign as we are reaching more and more families in West Milford Township. This month we had 42 new families and are excited to be reaching more and more families in the community. We also hosted our first dance, the “Sweetheart Dance” for Valentine’s Day. We offered dancing, dinner , desserts and free child care to all members of the community. We had a great turn out and received positive feedback from community members about how much fun they had. We were able to utilize community resources for the food, venue, DJ and childcare. The event also further solidified our partnership with the Journey Church of the Highlands, whose Pastor sits on our Advisory Board.

This month also marked the end of our first English as A Second Language course. We celebrated the success of our participants with food and certificates. The families had a great time and were very excited to complete the course and looked forward to another session at the center. We have seen success from a few individuals from this course who have either come to other programs at the center or have started new jobs in the community.

Our knitting group has helped a few of our community members connect with each other and form a very close relationship. This has been very rewarding to observe, as well as be a part of. We have witnessed community members helping each other, becoming more confident and  even giving us programming ideas. 

Coming up in March we have a Mini-Resource Fair, geared towards families, particularly those that are low income or at risk, the Upper Passaic County Fatherhood Project and book club.

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