HFSC February Narrative

February may be the shortest month but the staff at the Highlands Family Success Center packed it full of engaging programs and activities. Our staple parent and child activities continued to succeed and even saw more numbers this month with our calendar going out in the West Milford Honeywell system. This has been a great addition to our marketing and advertising campaign as we are reaching more and more families in West Milford Township. This month we had 42 new families and are excited to be reaching more and more families in the community. We also hosted our first dance, the “Sweetheart Dance” for Valentine’s Day. We offered dancing, dinner , desserts and free child care to all members of the community. We had a great turn out and received positive feedback from community members about how much fun they had. We were able to utilize community resources for the food, venue, DJ and childcare. The event also further solidified our partnership with the Journey Church of the Highlands, whose Pastor sits on our Advisory Board.

This month also marked the end of our first English as A Second Language course. We celebrated the success of our participants with food and certificates. The families had a great time and were very excited to complete the course and looked forward to another session at the center. We have seen success from a few individuals from this course who have either come to other programs at the center or have started new jobs in the community.

Our knitting group has helped a few of our community members connect with each other and form a very close relationship. This has been very rewarding to observe, as well as be a part of. We have witnessed community members helping each other, becoming more confident and  even giving us programming ideas. 

Coming up in March we have a Mini-Resource Fair, geared towards families, particularly those that are low income or at risk, the Upper Passaic County Fatherhood Project and book club.