HFSC March Narrative

This month we had a wide variety of programs and activities for the community. We had 43 new families walk through our doors, bringing us within arms reach of our goal of 300 families for the year. We are also pleased with our outreach with community volunteers and at present count have over 40 people.  As we compile this list of community members who are willing to donate their time and give back, we have found we have a wide variety of talents in our neighborhood. Our volunteers range in skills from web design, college prep and job readiness training, health, couponing, knitting, arts and crafts and fitness.

This month we were able to utilize our volunteers for various programs. We ran a 2 session Job Readiness training, led by a retired HR director. Participants learned many skills including interviewing, resume building and how to search for jobs online, just to name a few.

We also held a mini resource fair at the center, offering the community a chance to explore different resources for families in the area. Participants included the Association of Special Children and Families, West Milford Community and Recreation Department, WIC, Snap, Snap-Ed and Kinship Care. Families enjoyed talking to the different participants and receiving gifts to take home!

Coming up in April we are co-sponsoring an Earth Day Family Fun Day along with Center For Family Resources in celebration of the new outdoor classroom and wetlands walk. We are also planning a fun week for Spring Break, offering more activities for youth and teens during the day. At the end of the month we are having the Alzheimer’s Association come and present the training ” Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds” at Camp Hope. We continue to reach out to different areas of our community and welcome all who come through our doors.