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Program Update May 12, 2016

Last night felt more like a group of friends sitting around a table and sharing stories than a workshop on toxins in our everyday personal care products. The focus was reducing the amount of chemicals we unknowingly put in and on our body every day with personal care products and processed foods.Talk about eye opening!  Pam shared that we are exposed to more chemicals in one day then our grandparents were in a lifetime. We learned how to make toothpaste, body scrubs as well as  some simple swaps to reduce our toxic intake with things like vinegar, coconut oil and pure essential oils. My take away was to get back to the basics and go with single ingredient products or make my own when possible. There is  more to learn about keeping it natural and we are thrilled to have Pam Jordan as our “go to person” for pointers. Keep an eye out for more classes like this…. Family style.

Stayed tuned for Essential Oils 101 on June 9! Check out our calendar for more details.